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Welcome to Fukushima Corporation official site

Each day, we are continually mastering

the art of Japanese hospitality.

Each day, fully committed to improving

the working environment of our people.

・Restaurant Management

・Multi-Unit Franchise Development 

・Interior Space Design 

・Real Estate Investment 



Hello! We are the Fukushima Corporation.

We are a group of professionals

reforming the labor and food industry by:

providing top of the line,

comfortable and excellent hospitality;

continually improving the environment of our working people;

and researching and improving the Japanese food industry.

With the warmest hearts we welcome our guests.

We provide the necessary food and related space

for our Shonan community.

Our job is not only to sell this food, but to provide

excellent quality hospitality with all our heart

- there lies our value.

Our value comes from welcoming our guests

- ‘Irasshaimase!’ ("Welcome!")

As professionals who knows and loves this industry, 

we have a true conversation about the highest quality Japanese hospitality (“Omotenashi”) and the benefit it creates.

Through our business, we promise to deliver value to our customers.

By bringing this value to our society in Shonan,

we increase the value of the company.

We are the lifestyle industry that sees the essential ​link between

human beings,

our societies,

and the food and drink

we consume.

By making these meaningful connections,

we can truly make a positive difference.

We integrate local brands and local traditions

into Japan's modern lifestyle.

At Fukushima Corporation, we not only dream of but aim towards

a sure-fire, sustainable way for this to work.


We want to convey the ever changing Japanese food culture

as it happens, 

so our mission is staying sharp and staying steps ahead. 

For nearly 30 years since joining the management of the food industry,

Fukushima Corporation has studied and accumulated knowledge of

the franchise model, discovering the prevalent FC brands in Japan. 

For nearly 30 years, we have been committed to

improving the food industry standards and its working environment.

For nearly 30 years, we have built trusting relationships in our Shonan area.

On top of all of these essential blocks,

we have built the foundation of our business. 

Words from the Franchisors


Since joining the FC business over 20 years ago, Fukushima Corporation now operates seven Doutour Coffee stores in Kanagawa prefecture.  We receive phenomenal feedback about these stores from our regular patrons. To further confirm this point, every year those very stores Fukushima Corporation operates is awarded our prestigious “Best Store Award” from our Headquarters. We support Fukushima Corporations’ local and community-based administration, and trust you will continue  to serve and bring joy to even more of our customers.

Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd.,

CEO Masanori Hoshino,

as of April, 2018

We are the Fukushima Corporation.

We love our Shonan community, located in Kanagawa Prefecture,  Japan.

Each day, we are continually mastering the art of  Japanese hospitality.

Each day, fully committed to improving the working environment of our people.


We are a group of professionals delivering the highest quality of customer service and beautiful food-related space to Shonan community.


We invite you to be a part of our successful history

and create positive change in our community.


The range of careers you can sharpen your skills in include: 

Restaurant Management; 

Multi-Unit Franchise Development;

Interior Space Design;

and Real  Estate Investment.

Join us! 

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